Student Engagement with VR in Vermont Schools

By March 31, 2017News, Tech

The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education has been supporting student access to emerging technology for more than a decade. Today one of the exciting opportunities is in VR. By introducing students to this technology early on, and exercising a “create over consume” mindset, Tarrant is helping to cultivate the next generation of creatives in this exciting space.

In a recent post, Tarrant’s Audrey Homan explains why VR is a compelling tool for learning:

  1. It’s a great way to present compelling content about different locations and experiences. Watching and hearing a place can be much more engaging for students than simply reading about it.
  2. VR also provides students with unprecedented access to places on the planet they not just haven’t visited, but in some cases may have never thought of visiting. It increases the realm of what students believe is possible for them personally.
  3. Possibly the most compelling reason is that there are some early indications that VR may increase students’ empathy. Again it comes down to media: it’s one thing to read on a page: “The children in the camp were starving”, and another thing entirely to see and hear one particular hungry child.

Read the full Tarrant post on VR.