Soft launch

By August 8, 2014Members

The Vermont Media Alliance website and Vermont Production Directory are now live, and the VMA is accepting new members!

But you knew that already.

For the next couple of months, we’ll be in our “soft launch” phase, building membership, collecting member input and planning for our first year of operations. We understand that joining a new, unproven organization like this one requires a leap of faith, and we’re grateful that you’ve made that leap. If you have suggestions or requests for programming or other services, please let us know.

We believe strongly in the power of community, and the value of peer-to-peer training and support. We’re currently planning our 2014-2015 program of networking and training events, many of which will be led by VMA members. If you’d like to organize a panel, seminar, workshop or mixer, we’d love to help you to make it happen.

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to working with you.