Member feedback & site tweaks

By August 11, 2014Members

After receiving some really thoughtful feedback at the meet-up organized by Pam Preston at VCAM on August 8, we’ve made a few tweaks to the VMA site. The most important has been the addition of a feedback/support button to the site, so we’ve got a formal and public way to collect user feedback and answer questions. You can submit an idea or question by clicking the little question mark now floating at the lower left corner of the site. Other users (VMA members and non-members) can vote on ideas for new features and services, and support requests will be answered as quickly as possible.

The second major tweak is a change to the way members link to their IMDb and/or Vimeo pages. Our membership management software doesn’t allow the addition of new social links using the standard format (in which the link is represented by the social site’s logo), so we’ve added an “Additional Links” box to the user profile. To link to your IMDb or Vimeo account, or any other page you’d like to promote, just enter your link(s) in the “Additional Links” box, and they’ll appear in a special section of your profile.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure! Please let us know if we can serve you better.